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GSE Safety and Security

Improve GSE and Vehicle Safety and Security

The iSafe module of AirTrak provides enhanced ground support equipment (GSE) and mobile vehicle safety and security within your ground support operations. By monitoring driver speeds and vehicle access, AirSafe significantly helps to decrease vehicle accident rates and facilitates safer driving habits. The iSafe module consists of two key components that enforce internal requirements imposed by airport authorities and/or ground service operators.

The Key Components of iSafe include:

Access Control

The Access Control feature of the iSafe module helps reduce driver accidents and improve driver accountability by prohibiting unauthorized access to GSE and other mobile equipment. Access Control, enables operators to control and assign which drivers have access to which GSE. Authorized drivers can only operate assigned GSE by using a Dallas Button, swipe card or any other user identification.

Motion Monitoring

The Motion Monitoring feature of iSafe monitors speed by reporting on all driver irregularities over and above a predefined threshold, thereby enforcing safer driving habits.Integrated with Access Control, supervisors can now hold GSE drivers accountable by monitoring excessive speeds that resulted in an accident. With Impact Sensor, supervisors can access vital equipment data from any GSE that records the location and time of the accident.

Geo Fencing

In addition, with Motion Monitoring supervisors can monitor and control the location of GSE and vehicles using a predefined geo-fencing boundary feature. The location of mobile vehicles is monitored by GPS (Global Positioning System) and an alert notifies ground support operators if a vehicle enters or exists within its defined area. Our geo-fencing capability is available to both driver and/or equipment.

Benefits of the System

  • Improve GSE Safety & Security
  • Reduce the Misuse Of GSE and Vehicles
  • Control the GSE  and Vehicle Use And Journeys
  • Increase Driver Accountability and Responsibility
  • Prevent the Use Of GSE and Vehicles By Unauthorized Operators
  • Improve GSE and Vehicle Accident Investigation

Whats New?

Global Positioning Systems Flash powered GPS system is Ready to mount. We also Launced New Application for mobile version. click here to read... more
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