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GSE - Improve ground support equipment

Real-time GSE Analytics for Maximum Operational Performance

The iReport module of the AirTrak offers both real-time and historical information about your ground support equipment performance. iReport empowers users throughout your organization to create and access a diverse array of tabular and graphical business reports that include KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), historical event analysis, billing relevant data, and incident reporting.

The Key Components of iReport include:

GSE Reports & Analyses

Standard business reports either in tabular or graphical format is available within iReport or you have the option to create customized reports to instantly analyze and report on your specific GSE performance needs captured within AirTrak.

Billing Support

CBilling Support is a valuable report for airport ground handlers to electronically capture billing data for value added services outside the standard service level agreement.

Airport Process Playback

Airport Process Playback is a powerful report for historical event analyses by replaying a particular incident in a film-like manner. Whether investigating an accident, a breach of safety and security or identifying the party at fault in case of a flight delay, Airport Process Replay offers valuable support for accountability and responsibility in many processes on the apron.

GSE Messenger

The GSE Messenger informs system users and especially hands-on personnel on the ramp by email, text messages and other means of communication about important incidents. The moment any pre-defined parameters or events occur, the GSE Messenger will notify the right persons concerned allowing them to take the appropriate action on short notice.

The web based system will be having various report and analysis module to analyze the data.
  • Activity, Usage Reports
  • Day Summary Report
  • Summary Report
  • Speed Graph and Fuel Monitory
  • Un-Authorized Road, Un-Authorized Stoppage Report
  • Added New Feature : Ad-Hoc Report Generator.

Whats New?

Global Positioning Systems Flash powered GPS system is Ready to mount. We also Launced New Application for mobile version. click here to read... more
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