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GSE - Improve ground support equipment

Real-time Airport Visibility

The iViewer module of the AirTrak is an interactive graphical interface that provides airport operators with a comprehensive bird's eye of the exact locations and status of individual airport ground support equipments. The iViewer module consists of two key components, the Airport Map and the Asset Locator. Both visibility features have been designed to accurately locate, track, mange and optimize vehicles effectively within any airport environment, in real-time.

The Key Components of iViewer include:

Airport Map

The airport Map is a scale map of the airport based on Google Satellite Image, allowing for detailed focusing and real time apron activities presentation. The Map provides complete airport visibility of all airport ground support equipment and enables the operator to zoom-in to a single vehicle level or all vehicles level. All data generated through the system, and processed within the iDee can be displayed, filtered and searched for on the Airport Map.

Asset Locator

The Asset Locator enables the system user to view all motorized or towed ground support equipments (GSE), any other vehicle or self-propelled equipment such as catering trucks, fire engines, service or security cars etc. on the Airport Map.

Benefits of the System

  • Real-time Airport Visibility
  • Visualize Business Processes
  • Improve Fleet Efficiency
  • Proactively Monitor Vehicle And Driver Activity
  • Effectively Analyze Ground Support Operations

Whats New?

Global Positioning Systems Flash powered GPS system is Ready to mount. We also Launced New Application for mobile version. click here to read... more
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