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GSE - Improve ground support equipment

How Does it Work?

Aviation Tracking System

1. The Tracking Unit

A tracking unit is covertly installed in the clients vehicle. This is done to make sure that the unit is not sabotaged or damaged in any case. The tracking unit recieves GPS signal and the on-board processor translates and encodes these signals. This information together with other vehicle status such as Current speed, ignition status, car voltage status, mileage, doors status and various other status are packed together into a single transmission data, encoded, encrypted and trasmitted directly to our Control Center using the widely available GSM Network.

2. The Control Center

CBilling Support is a valuable report for airport ground handlers to electronically capture billing data for value added services outside the standard service level agreement.

3. Tracking Website

Information from the Control Center is then sent directly to our Web Server. The server is equipped with powerful map engine and a map server that translates the data and uses it to display on the map and other statuses about the vehicle. The site is fully secure.

Whats New?

Global Positioning Systems Flash powered GPS system is Ready to mount. We also Launced New Application for mobile version. click here to read... more
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