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GSE - Improve ground support equipment

Improve GSE Service Levels and Efficiency

The iData module of the AirTrak offers real-time operating data on the status and location monitoring of each individual GSE or vehicle. By proactively monitoring GSE and vehicle activity, operators can optimize the priority of equipment servicing flights according to the unit's operation work mode, engine status and fluid levels. In addition, the iData module enables GSE operators and vehicle drivers to communication new and completed ramp servicing task in real-time.

The Key Components of iData include :

Status and Location Monitoring Service

Status and Location Monitoring service enables the dispatch operator to select ground support equipment (GSE) based on the unit's operation (work mode, available, out of service, stand-by, drive mode), and engine statuses (off, running un/necessarily). These statuses are determined by individually defined parameters as per the ground handler's business processes. A distinct differentiation between the different engine statuses further allows for the reduction of unnecessary engine hours, thereby leading to substantial savings on fuel and maintenance costs.

Fluid Monitoring Service

Fluid Monitoring service optimizes the processes related to fluids of all kinds in your fleet's tanks. Whether fuel or fresh/waste water, unnecessary events to fill (or empty) the tanks may be reduced by up to 50+%.

Task Communicator

The Task Communicator reduces voice communication and misunderstandings between operations and the driver by use of a touch screen display for viewing and accepting of tasks. Particular value derives from installation in particular fast-moving equipment types such as buses or pushback tractors. Online integration with a resource management system is a prerequisite though.

Benefits of the System

  • Identify And Reduce Unnecessary Engine Hours
  • Increase In GSE Availability To Service Flights
  • Improve Fleet Efficiency
  • Enhance Fuelling Efficiency
  • Reduce GSE And Vehicle Running Costs
  • Minimize Driver Miscommunications
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

Whats New?

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