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VTrak Plus

Vehicle Locating System -"You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure"

Keeping track of employees driving your company vehicles can be an easy task with our Vehicle Tracking System.

We are doing Vehicle tracking system using GPS and GPRS Technology. Real-time vehicle tracking system providing vehicle location at any given point of time. Vehicle tracking system enabled collection of location and telemetric data at regular interval. The data thus collected in the vehicle mounted hardware is transferred to control room at any given point of time using wireless communication technology. The Vehicle Tracking System also enables to visualize and analyze the data received from the vehicle mounted hardware.

The comprehensive Automatic Vehicle Location system allows users to visualize their vehicle location on the map using Geographical Information System(GIS) engine. The data analysis and report modules that should cover various aspects of logistics like vehicle, trip etc. by connecting to back end system.

While tracking the asset (vehicle) you will get extra sensible data like vehicle speed, tracking time, fuel gauge, Ignition and other programmable sensors.

Other then this you can get your vehicle current station sending SMS. And you can configure SMS alerts for vehicle over speed, Geofence(any marked area) entry and exit, Overtime alert, etc.,

Without paperwork you will get all computerized reports for you asset Activity, Utilization, over speed, Exceptions, Driver performance, Fuel gauge monitor, Unauthorized area stop, Trip monitor, Geofence record, etc

Let us show you how our VTS system can help your company.

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