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VTrak is a web-based vehicle tracking and tracing service that enables you to track your vehicles' positions in real time. This means that you will always know the location of your fleet at any point of time instantly and not hours later.

GPS (Global Positioning System) uses 24 satellites circling around the earth to position your vehicles and give data about their direction and speed. GPRS is a wireless mobile phone service that sends the GPS data to us via our dedicated Telco to be compiled by our VTrak system. The system then presented the vehicle's information to you on a designated web site.

Your vehicle is tracked via a GPS-enabled SMARTBOX in-Vehicle Unit (commonly known as the black box) that is pre-installed in your vehicle (Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles). The SMARTBOX provides data that is sent to us via our dedicated Telco and processed into a web-based application for monitoring your vehicles' position, direction and speed.

When you log-in to our secured website via a dedicated user name and password, you will be transported to our user-friendly VTrak system. Our system allows multiple and simultaneous tracking of all your vehicles within a single map. So you can view your entire fleet on a single screen. You will see where all your vehicles are and where they are heading. You can zoom into the map for more specific details. Our system also allows you to download all the data and logs in excel format for easy compilation and generation of reports.

Accuracy is high, estimated at +/- 20 meters at any time. The speed and distance traveled are measured by the GPS system. GPS which uses satellites is rely on by some of the world's best military forces and intelligence agencies in their highly confidential missions.

The update intervals can be set based on individual company's need and requirements

No heavy investment in systems is required. With VTrak, all you have to do is to log-in with a web-browser to pinpoint the location of your entire fleet, monitor your vehicles and obtain information. It's that simple. What's more, you can also log-in via any WAP enabled mobile phones to monitor and track. Our VTrak gives you total mobility.

Your company tracking information is securely stored in our servers.

Well not exactly, our system does more than that. VTrak, provide real-time information and data pertaining to all your vehicles 24 hours a day, 7days a week. VTrak is a multipurpose management tool under normal usage, it enables company to better manage two of their most critical assets namely the vehicles and drivers, thus enhancing their overall productivity. In extreme circumstances where the vehicle is stolen, the system is able to assist in recovery effort. Our system also allows for enhancement such as incorporating card reader to authenticate only authorized person to use a particular vehicle and also CCTV cameras option to assist in post accident analysis. For more information, please contact our Marketing Department at Tel: (65) 6293 6461.

VTrak Vehicle Tracking System is scalable and flexible. Aside from the installation of the SMARTBOX in the vehicle, there is no need for special software or other additional hardware. It is design to be user-friendly. User simply log-in and start tracking. VTrak is a subscription-based service which means you pay as you use, instead of investing heavily upfront on equipment which may become redundant in times to come.

Our VTrak system allows for further system enhancement to meet the needs of company. This includes incorporating card reader to authenticate authorized person to use a particular vehicle and generate attendance and report. CCTV camera option is also available for company to use in post accident analysis. For more information, please contact our Marketing Department at Tel: (65) 6293 6461.

Our system can be used and fitted on all types and classes of vehicles such as trucks, buses, vans, cars, motorcycles - whenever, there is a need to enhance their usage and maximize productivity.

Singapore is fast becoming one of the most expensive locations in the world to conduct business. Main contributing factors include staff cost, office rental and the cost of owning and maintaining a fleet of vehicle to conduct business, which is unique to Singapore's situation - the high cost of the Certificate Of Entitlement(COE) & oil prices. VTrak, a Vehicle Tracking System is one of the few solutions available today listed under the iSPRINT (Packaged solution) Program which is initiated and supported by the Infocomm regulator of Singapore. VTrak has proven to be effective in enhancing cost savings in Time & Fuel for vehicle fleet through it's 24 x 7 Real-time, Real-information., which ensure your assets and resources are fully optimized. Ask our Marketing Department for a copy of the documented VTrak field report at Tel: (65) 6293 6461.


  • Locate your entire fleet instantly without any heavy investment in hardware or software
  • Optimize the use of your vehicles and reduce fleet mileage and working hours
  • Reduce high labour costs
  • Increase business productivity through efficient use of assets and resources
  • Monitor departure and forecast travel and arrival times more accurately
  • Win business confidence through enhanced customer services
  • Protect your vehicles, cargo and drivers
  • Improve accountability and make better decisions based on true documentation of your Vehicles' travel history
  • Scale up your system easily when needed without any heavy investments

Our VTrak is applicable for almost any industries or company that requires the tracking of their vehicles and assets, this is to optimize their usage and enhance their overall productivity. Industries that would benefit from this solution include:

  • Government agencies or organizations
  • Logistics and distribution companies
  • Food transportation companies
  • Hospitality industry
  • Construction equipment
  • Service and maintenance companies
  • Hospitals (ambulances), waste recycle trucks, and many more

Definitely, there is no need for heavy investment in any expensive computer equipment to run this system. All that is needed is a personal computer with Internet access and a web-browser. WAP-enable mobile phones can also be used for our system, thus making supervisors and managers truly mobile.


There is no restriction on when or how many times you can track the vehicles. As long as you have an Internet access you can log-in any time and any where to check the status and location of your vehicle - at home, in office or even on the road.

Certainly, with VTrak, you can set your alerts easily so that you can receive alert notification via email.

With our VTrak, you can monitor all your vehicles on a single screen. There is no necessity to use multiple browsers for simultaneous views.

VTrak is always in receiving mode, meaning you can track you vehicle fleet movements and locations any time you need.

VTrak allows for tracking in any countries as long as there is GPRS coverage. However, due to extremely high auto-roaming charges, other cheaper and more cost efficient options are available. Check with our Marketing Department for more details.

There is no restriction on the number of vehicles you can track.

Yes, the GPS data will be stored on the SMARTBOX which is installed in every vehicle. Once GPRS coverage is restored and available, data will be transmitted back to the server. In Singapore, the GPRS coverage is very comprehensive.


The information gathered from our VTrak unit is stored in secure servers for your access through the Internet browser.

Our servers are protected by physical and digital security. Each user is given a unique ID and password, and you will also need to ensure that the ID and password is protected properly and that the password is changed often.

The servers will be reset and up within seconds of eventual failure. All data is continuously backed-up and the service will resume to normal within seconds.

Our VTrak is not designed to be a deterrent. One of the major benefits of our system is that a car thief will not know whether or not a particular vehicle is equipped with a vehicle tracking system. Therefore, this increases the chances of a quick and fast recovery with minimal damage whenever necessary.


Data will not be updated and the system will provide prompt/notification. As such, we will know immediately that something is wrong - either the system has been tampered with or there is a hardware failure, which can then be determined through a technical inspection carried out by our technical specialist.

If your vehicle is stolen, immediately report the theft to the police. With the vehicle details and tracking data available, it will assist the police in making a quicker recovery.

Contact our Technical Department if the SmartBox in-vehicle unit is damaged.

The device is hidden out of sight and there is a backup battery to continue providing GPS signal if the power is cut.

Yes, you can order additional units. Please contact our Technical Department at Tel: (65) 6293 6461.


There is a one-time charge for the installation of the Smartbox in-vehicle unit and a monthly recurring charge for the user license/SIM card subscription. This is besides the Smartbox itself.

No, we do not retail them online. Please contact our Marketing Department at Tel: (65) 6293 6461.

Installation is done only by our technical specialist.

The SIM card used in the vehicle unit is purely data SIM cards only. It is dedicated for the device use.

Aside from the SMARTBOX in-vehicle unit, no special equipment is required - all you need is a personal computer with Internet access. With an Internet browser, you can login to your account and start tracking your fleet. Our system also supports WAP-enabled mobile phone.

  • The minimum specifications for the personal computer are as follows:
  • Processor: Pentium IV 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Hard disk: 20GB
  • Monitor: 17" monitor supporting at least 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Operation System: WinXP with IE 8.0 browser - Firefox & Google Chrome is preferred
  • Network: 100Mb Ethernet (Broadband)

Yes, you can. There will be an uninstallation fee involved.