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"I searched the internet and downloaded several programs to demo. When I started using Vtrak and found out how easy it was to use and the cost, it was a no brainer on which program to buy."
- Phil Parnell Zillges

Benefits of the System

  • Minimize the paper work & manual intervention
  • Secured management of the Vehicles remotely
  • Helps to understand the utilization of vehicles & their productivity
  • A tool that helps to cross check while making payments to drivers based on the trips claimed,
    Hours on duty etc.
  • Brings substantial reduction in maintenance costs
  • Geo-Fence as a delivery proof
  • SMS based query helps to know vehicle location using a mobile phone and SMS alerts
  • Trip analysis and ETA calculation
  • Back end integration with customer network
  • Ad-Hoc report generator providing unlimited reports functionality
  • Improved customer service
  • Automated administrative functions.

Security Features

  • Secured , encrypted communication between the Vehicle mounting device and Communication server.
  • Optional dedicated Leased line between the Telco Service provider and the
    Infrastructure for the Data protection.
  • Secured infrastructure when configured using Intranet Network.
  • Tamper proof Vehicle mounting device.
  • Firewall Security between the Host network and external access.
  • Support for Vehicle Immobilisation.
  • SMS Based and Email based alerts.
  • Browser based system without any client component.
  • Authorized person can access the system anytime, anywhere.
  • The control room supports multiple types of VMH units.
  • Highly secured data transmission over public network, Using proprietary protocol.
  • Supports any kind of telemetry inputs like fuel gauge, Temp gauge, door sensor, impact sensor, RFID reader, Fuel lid sensor, load sensor & Driver identification using Dallas button.
  • Capacity to store records in case of GSM non availability.
  • Proprietary Raster or Vector based map rendering Map Engine.
  • Quality reports which can be downloaded as .CSV, Word , Excel , PDF formats.
  • Monitoring the errant driving behavior with close monitoring on vehicle movement, Stoppage reports, Ignition On etc on the selected Taxis.
  • Close monitoring on Speed Driving, auto triggering event based systems.
  • Trip Analysis and Trip Scheduling System.
  • SMS based alerts and Enquiry System.
  • Accident Analysis system to provide details of the vehicle in motion seconds before accident.
  • Options for Emergency button, backup battery, vehicle maintenance &
    inspection notification, etc…are available.
  • Scheduling and reporting on the customized reports.