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moving towards telematics


The unique thing about iDee InfoCom as a solution provider is our ability to understand our customer needs and provide them with a Total Solution incorporating Wireless and Radio Frequency Technology. Beyond the above, iDee InfoCom also provides a full spectrum of Automation solutions for Meter Reading, RFID, Field Service, Barcoding and more… Read More

Vtrak -Vehicle Traking Solutions

vTrak - Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solution.

IDee Tracker is a Web-based User-Friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution. Using wireless technology it provides real-time vehicle / asset location information and has comprehensive telemetric options... read more

Vtrak -Vehicle Traking Solutions

AirTrak - Ground Support Equipment - GSE Tracking Solution.

AirTrak solution, developed by Idee Infocom, enables real-time management and planning of all motorized aircraft ground support equipment (GSE). As a comprehensive, web-based solution, AirTrak offers operation managers the ability.... read more

Vtrak -Vehicle Traking Solutions

I Dispatch - Taxi Dispatch System

IDispatch, a combination of Client/Server Call center & Web based dispatch system with a comprehensive list of reports, management and GIS features, ideally suited for any dispatch application. It provides support for wide range of more

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