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The unique thing about iDee InfoCom as a solution provider is our ability to understand our customer needs and provide them with a Total Solution incorporating Wireless and Radio Frequency Technology. Beyond the above, iDee InfoCom also provides a full spectrum of Automation solutions for Meter Reading, RFID, Field Service, Barcoding and more… Read More

Vehicle Tracking solution for singapore


  • The technology of sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices in conjunction with effecting control on remote objects.

  • The integrated use of telecommunication and informatics, for application in vehicles and with control of vehicles on the move.

  • Telematics includes but is not limited to Global Positioning System technology integrated with computers and mobile communications technology in automotive navigation systems.

  • Most narrowly, the term has evolved to refer to the use of such systems within road vehicles, in which case the term Vehicle Telematics may be used.

In contrast telemetry is the transmission of measurements from the location of origin to the location of computing and consumption, especially without effecting control on the remote objects. Telemetry is typically applied in testing of flight objects.

Vtrak - Vehicle Tracking Solution

Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solution.

iDee Vtrak is a Web-based User-Friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution Using wireless technology it provides real-time vehicle / asset location information and has...Read More


VTrak is the best, we tested others and this is the best!
Ms Leong, SME owner with a fleet of 9 vehicles


Oh! Very easy to use, even from home, I can see and locate my drivers and vehicles.
Mr Tan - A small business owner with 3 delivery trucks


We need precise and accurate data and management information on our fleet such as the run, stop and idle time, the daily productivity schedule reports to aid us in making better and informed decisions. VTrak has it all!
Mr Patrik– Logistics & Distribution company owner with a fleet of more than 19 trucks


To compete in our highly competitive business environment, we need to ensure our driver and vehicles’ productivity is not compromised! VTrak provided me the necessary real-time information to manage them more efficiently!
Mr Chew – FMCG Business owner with 12 distribution vans


We had very hard time to monitor our everyday delivery status. Now it is very easy using vTrak!
Mr Maran – Courts Megastore